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Interior and Exterior Painting Service in Malvern

Melbourne Painters are an experienced team of Malvern painters, providing a reliable commercial or residential painting service in the Malvern.

Searching for state of the art exterior, interior, commercial painting? In the vibrant area of Malvern?

Whether you require a full exterior painting restoration of a degraded house, an exterior timber repair on your windows and doors, or even and interior revitalisation. Melbourne Painters in Malvern is the ideal company to assist you. We are motivated by seeing elated customers after the completion of any interior or exterior project. Expanding our services, grants you the opportunity to transform your existing house into a brand-new, picturesque work of art.

Our qualified team in Malvern will guide you thought interior colour combinations, whilst assisting you and explaining to you the techniques we use for our exterior painting projects. Melbourne painters are dedicated to preparing adequately for all upcoming projects, adhering to protocol, ensuring you get the result you always wanted. Our work ethic and preparation techniques grant customer satisfaction and ensure that the project will be completed on time, without any faults.

Our exterior painting team ensures all safety precautions and measures are taken, whilst our interior specialists focus on perfection, lighting angles and colour combinations. Each individual project, whether it is exterior or interior is handled with care and respect towards our clients. Melbourne Painters aims to surpass customer expectation, so you can obtain your dream home.

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Contrary to the majority of painting companies. We also provide any exterior or interior refurbishments. These may include plaster repairs, mould removal, timber repairs and even pressure washing. If you are looking for an outstanding painting restoration job in Malvern, look no further. Call us today!