Exterior House Painting


Melbourne painters offer exterior revitalisations and painting services that are second to none. Our accomplished exterior painting team recognises the importance of customer satisfaction and excel at outdoor painting, deck staining, window reconstructions and more. We are capable of achieving all your exterior painting tasks with precision, dependability and flawlessness all tied up with minimum distraction and no mess whatsoever.

All our exterior related projects are formulated to project beauty, vibrancy and charm to your home. Preparation is our mastered attribute and we follow it religiously. We understand the customer’s desires and put the paint brush to work in order to produce an outstanding final outcome, which will surpass our client’s requirements. Melbourne Painters go above and beyond.

Melbourne Painters set the gold standard in high quality painting. Our highly skilled team will finish all exterior painting work perfectly and safely on any given surface, under any given conditions. We even provide a colour consultation session, giving and receiving ideas from the client in order to generate the awaited outcome. Let Melbourne Painters paint you an exterior you’d be proud of, after all it is the first impression!


Interior House Painting


Quenching the thirst of your walls hasn’t been an easier task to compete with Melbourne Painters. We recognise the importance of selecting the appropriate colour combinations for interior and lively areas of your house. We give careful attention to every surface, corners and narrow areas, demonstrating our broad knowledge and experience. Our dedicated team of painters will ensure you get what you are looking for, your dream home!

Interior projects require careful planning, sheltering the furniture, masking all surfaces adjacent to the working area and including all the safety measures prior to any painting. We take great pride and responsibility in going the extra mile in protecting your belongings, treating your interior with extra affection. Melbourne Painters routinely clean and pack up equipment that has been used leaving your interior spotless.

Invigorate your bedroom with a fresh new perspective. Create a whole new space for your children. Brighten up your laundry room, disposing of dull colour schemes. Indulge into the creative realm, which painting offers, accompanied by quality and professional painters, Melbourne Painters!


House Painting Melbourne


Being based in Melbourne, we establish genuine relationships with all clients in order to ensure stunning results with happy faces. Although, what can be a daunting task is finding a painting company that delivers a professional service, quality finishes and excellent service every time. At Melbourne Painters, we pride ourselves on customer service, evolve as high quality house painters and strive to always delight our customers.

Melbourne painters constantly assist and provide suggestions to each client in regards to their painting project. We discuss colour themes, lighting angles and overall quality changes. All our painters are qualified painters with a bright background of experience in painting projects. Our objective is to provide a service that puts our client’s convenience first, seeing elated clients pleases us and drives us to success.

Melbourne Painters aim for perfection and certainly is the painting company of choice. Combining our strong work ethic and talented staff with a customer focus approach, you are well on your way to witnessing your dream house. If you require a painting quote in Melbourne, call us for a prompt and professional service that will impress you.


Commercial Painting Melbourne


Are you searching for a skilled commercial painting contractor? A trustworthy team of qualified painters to revamp your area? Then look no further. Melbourne Painters also acquire commercial painting projects. From storefronts, businesses, offices and apartment complexes all the way to factories, retail stores and warehouses. We comprehend that you need to balance quality, time, and price. That’s why Melbourne Painters is the perfect choice for commercial painting. Our highly skilled team of painters will be available upon your time requests, working efficiently without any major distractions.

By modernising and revitalising your commercial premises, you boost your reputation and appearance to the public. With that in mind, Melbourne Painters take time to prepare and present suggestions on how to promote and improve your area. Preparation plays a pivotal role in commercial projects as more complex machinery is used in order to revamp any steel work and other components. Considering this, we also follow a safety procedure in order to paint and restore without any harm to us, you or the building.

Each client has different needs and specifications for commercial painting services. These range and alternate from the scope of project to limitations and specifications. It is our job to understand and perceive each painting project’s need so we can serve you at a high level and unleash the potential in order to enhance your business. With Melbourne Painters, your satisfaction is our guarantee!