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At Melbourne Painters we establish a good practice to safety when painting. Painting safety plays a pivotal role in maintaining our workers healthy and our clients secure. It is vital to make sure our painters stay safe and protected from any chemical substances that paint and wood works emit. We follow these procedures systematically and integrate them in our general procedures. Inhalation, ingestion and absorption are the primary ways malicious chemicals can enter one’s body. What are the main precautions? How do we apply them?

First and foremost, our painters use protective equipment. This is the basic and fundamental gear needed for any paint job. For skin protection, we wear the appropriate gloves. The main material of the gloves are cloth or leather for sanding and scraping, impermeable gloves for applying water based paint and solvent-resistant chemical gloves for handling paints and solvent-based products. Following this, eye protection is also critical. Our painters use protective glasses, or in some case a face mask. We also provide this apparatus for any clients that wish to assess and learn any of our techniques. Lastly, inhalation, lung protection is termed as a “silent killer” as you are not aware of the entry of substances until it is too late! Our staff is equipped with an anti-dusk mask when sanding or cleaning areas. We ensure that adequate ventilation is present by opening windows and doors during interior works. Finally, we remove and isolate any sources of ignition.

As painting experts we also need to take the relevant steps to ensure safety on our ladders, machinery and any apparatus we use on a daily basis. We inspect our equipment first; making sure the condition of it is impeccable and sufficiently robust to support our weight or usage. When we assemble a ladder or any piece of equipment, we safeguard the desired area from any instability and always make sure we are working on even and stable ground, avoiding any slippery surface! In addition to this come the more logical safety precautions, like wearing suitable shoes, walking on stable and dry surfaces, never overstretching on a ladder or at a height and always making sure that our client is at a safe distance from all machinery!

Painting Safety at Melbourne Painters

At Melbourne Painters, we admire quality when we see it. Professionalism, efficiency and acknowledgement are what drive us to become one of the finest painting companies in Australia. We are devoted to our field and always take the necessary care and preventative measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

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