Preparation for Exterior Painting

How well have you prepared for your exterior painting services?

Around 500 BC, Chinese philosopher Confucius stated: “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” By organising and preparing adequately gets you halfway to accomplishing your aspirations. This quote might have not been directed to the painters in 500 BC, however we can all relate to it one way or another! Let’s face it, structures back then sure required another coat of paint! Melbourne Painters have mastered the exterior painting techniques to transform your house to a home, but what are they?

Is it the paint quality? Is it the paintbrushes and painting apparatus? Is it the technical and mechanical knowledge? Or is it the safety procedures and detrimental work ethic? To be honest, yes, it is a mixture of all the above. However, the majority of exterior house renovations are primarily based on preparation. Setting the scene, observing the house structure, analysing potential hazards and even communicating with the owners play a pivotal role in the successful completion of an exterior painting project. But let’s get down to specifics, shall we?

There are a plethora of exterior materials used to construct a home. The most dominant materials in Australia are three. Masonry or Brick, Timber or Weatherboards and Metals. First of all, it is vital we remove and extract any decaying timber or fill any holes or cracks found in the surface to ensure a smooth, functional working area. The various metals to prevent rust need to be “rust-free” and blooming to be painted. The use of the correct products and tools used for filling and repairing are critical, at Melbourne Painters we pride ourselves on using state of the art exterior repair products to alleviate any flaws in the structure.

Following this, after all exterior surfaces are crystal clean, we administer exceptional sanding equipment to sand off any damaged paint or even if your previous painting job is in moderate condition, provide a lighter and more accurate sanding process. Removal of rusted and old nails and stabilising any malfunctions in the structure is key to performing our services at the highest level. By utilising high pressure washing apparatus we ensure that surfaces are prepared well so the exterior painting can come fit like a hand to a glove!

Preparation complete! Halfway there! All that is to finalise are the colour schemes, combinations and contrasts with the owners. Melbourne Painters educate and guide our clients towards the equitable designs and colouring to suit their needs and fulfill their aspirations. Expert exterior painting services with devoted and experienced painters is what Melbourne Painters offer, and boy are we good! Utilising the trade of preparation, combined with leading exterior painting specialists, Melbourne Painters are here to impress!

Exterior Painting Services

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